Youth ALIVE! operates three direct service programs: (1) Caught in the Crossfire, a model violence intervention program for young people who have been recently violently injured and/or incarcerated,  (2) Teens on Target, a nationally recognized violence prevention peer education and youth leadership program whose curriculum was published by Educational Media, and (3) the Khadafy Washington Project, a homicide response and support program named in honor of the program founder's murdered 18-year-old son. In response to sites seeking to replicate the Caught in the Crossfire model, Youth ALIVE! convened the founding members of what would become the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs, and continues to operate NNHVIP and manage its comprehensive and communications technical assistance activities.

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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Cure Violence maintains that the problem of violence is solvable, like other epidemics, when we understand that it contagious process and treat it using health methods.  Cure Violence currently supports implementation of the evidence-based Cure Violence model in more than 50 community sites in over 26 cities on five continents.  Cure Violence also leads a movement to change the understanding of all forms of violence so that it is understood as a health issue.

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Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) helps public health advocates raise their voices and be heard in policy debates. Based on its solid analysis of news coverage, BMSG works with advocates to build their capacity to use media advocacy in the high profile policy environment so they can focus attention on transforming systems and structures to foster health.  BMSG has more than 20 years of experience analyzing and consulting on news about public health and social justice issues.