Additional Learning Opportunities

The Healing Justice Alliance is excited to offer extended learning opportunities as part of the post-conference day on August 24. For Cure Violence and NNHVIP partners, in-person meetings for your respective programs will be held. For all attendees, topic-specific day-long workshops are available. Please read on for more information.


Cure Violence Team Meetings: Meetings for Cure Violence program members.

NNHVIP Working Group Meetings: Monthly meetings for NNHVIP working group members.


Berkeley Media Studies Group Communication Workshop: Berkeley Media Studies Group will discuss the importance of educating stakeholders and the broader community on the adverse effects of trauma and violence, as well as the importance for community and system-based services to communicate and develop consistent policies, procedures, and messaging to enhance efforts to reach and identify victims and survivors.

How to Start a Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program Workshop: This workshop will be led by NNHVIP Founder Marla Becker and Caught in the Crossfire Founder Sherman Spears. Topics that may be covered include how to secure hospital buy-in, select target population, establish goals and objectives, streamline referral process, determine structure of service provision, and more.

For the full conference agenda, click here. (Updated July 15, 2016)